By-laws mania

The first official version of the By-Laws of the Two-Year College English Association and the Regional Associations (adopted 18 November 1993) as well as the drafts that lead up to it have been posted on the new TYCA By-laws page.  You will note that the drafting and the revision of the by-laws seems to have occurred at rather a fast pace.  The first draft of the by-laws appears in the archive in July 1993 and the restructuring committee was finished with them by the November NTCC meeting at NCTE.   There was active revision in that meeting with several substantive changes to the by-laws.    The motion in the NTCC, by the way, was just to recommend that the by-laws be adopted, as the NTCC had no authority to take action for the regional associations.


National Two-Year College Council Minutes Complete

All of the minutes extant in the physical TYCA archive for the predecessor of TYCA, the National Two-Year College Council (NTCC),  have been uploaded.  They may be accessed on the TYCA Executive Committee Minutes page.  A note about that page:  the order of the TYCA EC minutes will be reorganized when your humble archivist can find an automated way to reverse the order.  (In other words, he is not going to reverse the order by hand quite yet.)

Update: a theme for history

Your humble archivist has decided to put a theme to the newly created TYCA History page. The theme, appropriately corny, is gardening related. It may be that your humble archivist is pining to plant his own real world garden given the turbid and cold weather in his humble city. It would seem, however, that no better analogy than gardening can be made for TYCA history, since it reflects that TYCA is about the hard work of many dedicated people and the subsequent flourishing of the two-year college English community.

Click on the TYCA History tab above (or that link over there) to read the page. There is still a great deal of work to do with the documents, but “The Germ of an Idea” section is complete based upon the physical archives your humble archivist has at hand. If anyone has pictures of that era of TYCA (NTCC*), please contact your humble archivist directly.

*National Two-Year College Council

Items added

New TYCA historical documents have been added to the TYCA Documents and TYCA Minutes pages.  These items were compiled by former TYCA Archivist Lois Powers and include early National Two-year College Council (sometimes called Conference) minutes, correspondence between various two-year college English leaders, drafts of mission statements, as well as other sundry documents used in planning to reorganize NTCC into TYCA.