1998 Proceedings


Part 1:  January to June

03/31 & CCCC Convention Chicago Agenda  TYCA Executive Meeting

  • Unapproved Minutes Detroit (Nov. 21, 97)
  • Appendices to minutes-Detroit
  • Report-TETYC & TYCA to You
  • Davis-to Troyka regarding tax exempt status
  • Stock-to Troìka reèarding TYCA Executive Committee
  • members attendance at various meetings
  • Lovas-to TYCA Executive Committee regarding adjunctfaculty
  • Report- from Associate ExecutivenDirector
  • “Update on Effects to Build TYCA”
  • Troyka-to National TYCA Executive Committee regarding special award for Helon Raines (Nov.18, 97)
  • Article-“Statement from the Conference on the Growing Use of Adjunct ct Faculty”
  • NOTE 1997 Resolutions
  • Selfe-to Rep. Abercrombie & Senator Abraham regarding the Digital Era Copyright Enhancement Act (Jan. 21, 98)
  • Blau-to a representative regarding support for copyright legislation
  • Kirsch-sarrnple letter urging support for copyright legislation
  • “The Bouwer-campbell Bm (HR. 304s)
  • “The Ashcroft Bill” (S. 1146)
  • Announcements
  • Report-Lovas “English Coalition” hosted by Phyllis Franklin (Dec. 30, 97)
  • Report-Matthews TYCA Breakfast
  • Report-TYCA Recruitment (Fan gewqtey _97)
  • Albert-Announcing “Committee on the Public Image of the Two-Year College
  • Concept Paper-“Collaborative Project of the TYCA and NCIA (an affiliate of AACC)
  • Reynolds-“Call for Submissions-TETYC Silver Anniversary Issue”
  • Tinberg-Repolt on TYCA to You
  • Kirsch-Report from Associate Executive Directo(
  • Lovas-to Madden regarding College Section evaluation of TYCA
  • Reports from regionals
  • Lovas-to Blau, Mejia, Johnson, Stock, Madden, Berry, thanking them for support
  • Schedule of Activities for convention
  • Lovas-“America’s Community Colleges: Hope for the New Millennium” grant project
  • Lovas & Bateman-regarding TYCA web page
  • Committee Structure & Membership
  • Lois Powers, TYCA Archives

4/11 Troyka to TYCA EC NCTE College Forum Proposal

4/14 Stock to EC NCTE College Forum Proposal (Problems, background, and proposal)

4/25 NCTE to EC College Forum approved unanimously

4/29 Troyka to EC NCTE’s College Forum 4/29 Stock to Lovas & Lindemann College Forum Contextual REmarks

 Part 2:  June to December



11/20 NCTE Convention Nashville TYCA Execuive Committee Meeting

  • Unapproved Mintues
  • Lovas-Chair’s Report
  • Appendices to minutes-Chicago
  • Report-Matthews TYCA Breakfast
  • Report TYCA Recruitment (Fall 96-Winter 97)
  • Albert-Announcing “Committee on the Public Image of the Two-Year College”
  • Concept Paper-“Collaborative Project of the TYCA and NCIA”
  • Reynolds-“Call for Submissions–TETYC Silver Anniversary Issue”
  • Tinber-Report on TYCA to You
  • Kirsch-Report from Associate Executive Director
  • Lvoas-to Madden regarding College Section evaluation of TYCA
  • Regional Reports
  • Lovas-sample letter to college administrators regarding TYCA service
  • List of Committees and Members
  • Lovas-personal account regarding part-time issues
  • TYCA By-laws revision or amplification
  • Revised TYCA brochure
  • Preliminary Review of Evaluation Process for TYCA
  • The College Forum
  • “Recommendation to Department & Campus Administrators”
  • “Setting Standards:  Acceptable Ratios of Full- to Part-time Faculty Members”
  • Documents regarding workload
  • MLA “Committee on Community Colleges Holds First Meeting”
  • Kirsch-Report from Associate Executive Director
  • Missing Regional Reports

1997 Proceedings



03/11 CCCC Convention Phoenix  TYCA Stationary with logo; TYCA Gala Inaugural Program; TETYC Brochure and Stationery with new cover design

03/11 TYCA Executive Committee Meeting  Agenda; Unapproved Minutes Chicago; Coppersmith–TYCA Breakfast; Membership Recruitment; Stock–Assoc. Exec. Director Report; Reynolds–TETYC Editor; Regional Reports; Wootten–Nell Ann Pickett Award; Newman–National TYCA Meeting Task Force; Web Page Committee Report; Membership defined; Bodmer–“Plan to Establish the Two-Year College English Association”; Bodmer–By-Laws of TYCA (April 1995); Report–TYCA Strategic Planning Meeting (Indianapolis); Proposal–College Forum; Froeschal to Nominating Committee Members regarding responsibilities and timetables; Outline of TYCA Chair Responsibilities; Bodmer–1992 revision of regional conference manual

04/28 Troyka to NCTE Executive Committee

05/07 Coppersmith to Troyka regarding per diem policy

07/31 Stock to Faith Schullstrom, Exec. Dir. regarding contribution to Nell Ann Pickett Award

11/06  Troyka to Williams regarding money, memberships, and name confusion of TYCA and regionals

10/07 Troyka to Villanueva regarding TYCA 1998 Welcome Party


11/21 & 11/22  NCTE Convention Detroit TYCA Executive Meeting  Agenda; Minutes of previous meeting; Reports; By-Laws;  Report from Associate Executive Director “Update on Efforts to Build TYCA”; Troyka to Albert regarding “Image of the Two-Year College”;  Davis to TYCA EC regarding suggested changes to by-laws; TYCA per diem Policy;  1997-1998 EC Roster

1996 Proceedings



01/23  Bodmer to NTCC/TYCA

01/30 Bodmer to TYCA Executive Committee Nominees

03/01  Bodmer to TYCA Executive Committee

03/15  Troyka to CCCC convention preview regarding text for annual breakfast; Bodmer interim chair report

03/26  CCCC Milwaukee  Wooten Minutes (4/28); Agenda; NTCC/TYCA minutes San Diego; Reports–Annal, Reynolds, Wiley (TYCA Suggestions);  “Student Success Action Plan”;  “Developing the TYCA Agenda”; Regional reports

11/22 NCTE Convention Chicago  Agenda; minutes Milwaukee; TYCA subcommittee reports; B. Wiley–organizational suggestions; TYCA membership promotion; Manual revision; Reports–officer visits to regionals; Letter to other community college organizations; Reports from regionals

11/22 R. Mejia, Simon Schuster to L. Troyka regarding TYCA inaugural celebration in Phoenix

1995 Proceedings


January to December

01/17  Madden to NTCC regarding support of the revised by-laws

01/24  Pickett to NTCC endorsing the TYCA documents

01/25  Parnham to NTCC regarding status of TYCA

01/31  Reynolds to Powers regarding work with TETYC

02/28  Bodmer to NTCC regarding March meeting

03/21  CCCC, Washington, DC  Agenda; NTCC/TYCA Breakfast; Annal–Archivist Report (21 March 95); By-laws and “Plan to Establish…” (January drafts); “TYCA–News from Across the Country” (Survey); Powers–“A Strategic Agenda for the Twenty-First Century”; Wiley–report from NCTE to CCCC

05/18  Bodmer to NTCC (TYCA Wannabees)

06/22  Powers to Bodmer in response to questions and issues to Wiley and Coppersmith in response to questions and issues

10/04  Bodmer to NTCC regarding November meeting

10/27  Bodmer to NTCC regarding meeting in San Diego

10/28  Powers to Bodmer response to his queries

11/17 NCTE Convension San Diego  Agenda; Minutes of Washington DC meeting; Annal–Archivist report (21 March 95); NTCC Financial Report (18 March 95); Wiley–report from NCTE to CCCC

12/07  Raines to TYCA Nominating Committee regarding TYCA’s first election slate

12/08 Raines to candidates

1994 Proceedings


January to December

01/04  Bodmer to NTCC EC, CCCC Officers, NCTE Officers, NTCC Restructure Committee, Miles Myers regarding approved version of the by-laws (18 Nov. 1993)

01/18  Anna to Gere regarding NCTE’s “Statement of Principles…” project

02/02  Bodmer to NTCC regarding Nashville meeting and current issues

03/14 CCCC Nashville Agenda; Minutes of Pittsburgh meeting (18 Nov. 1993); Minutes of Special Meeting (18 Nov. 1993)

No date  Schreiber on behalf of Myers to affiliated professionals in regard to a job description for Associate Executive Director for Higher Education

04/10 Powers to Selfe, Bridwell-Bowles, and Bodmer regarding qualifications for Associate Executive Director

04/11 Unknown to Reynolds regarding Schreiber’s letter

04/19  Reynolds to Pickett, Bodmer, Annal, Roth, Wiley, Powers regarding “Collective Response” to Schreiber letter

04/22  Ryenolds to Pickett, Bodmer, Annal, Roth, Wiley, and Powers regarding Schreiber’s letter

11/17  NCTE Convention Orlando Agenda; Minutes from Nashville (14 March 1994); NTCC Income and Expense Fiscal Year 1993-94; Annal, Archivist Report; NTCC Breakfast Announcement; Reynolds, report TETYC; Regional reports;  Parham, suggested by-laways revision (Oct. 94); by-laws recvision (4 Nov. 94); “Plan to Establish the Two-Year Colelge English Association” (draft 4 Nov. 94); TYCA Governance Structure; “College Section Response to the TYCA Plan” ; NTCC Directory 1994

1993 Proceedings


Part 1:  January-June

01/13 Urbana Invitation to Urbana to meet with College Section on two-year issues

01/2129 Haines- to Brídwell Bowles, NCTE, Seife

02/04 Guìdelinés for Obtaining Coníerence Status

02/05 Proposal for Two-Year College, College, and University Section

02/09 AnnaI-to Myles Myers

02/12 Raines-to NTCC on Urbana Meeting

03/04 Raines~to Seife, Gere

03/15 Raines-NTCC meeting in San Diego CCCC

03/30 CCCC Convention San Diego Raines-revised meeting agenda Minutes of meeting, regional reports, archivist report –
Myers-Restructure financial overview

04/06 Proposal for Two-Year College, College, and University

04-27 Perry-raising concerns about Standards Project signed by  Selfe (Col. Sec.), Gere (CCC), Raines (NTCC)

06/10 Raines-update, to editor of “The Council Chronicle,” to

Part 2: July-December

07/21 Bodmer-Juw by-Iaws revision

07/23 Wm. Lay­guidelines for Nell Ann Pickett Award

09/02 Raines-to Bodmer and Restructure Committee

09/25 Raines-Work of NTCC Restructure Com.

09 Committee on Hestructuring- Proposal Sept. 1992

09/27 Bodmer-September by-Iaws revision

09/28 Pickett-to Powers about TE TYC

10/29 Raines-to Myers in response to NCTE Exec. Com

10/14 Powers-ECCTYC Constitution

10/19 Raines-to Gere regarding Myers’ memo

10/29 Raines-to NTCC regarding meeting in Pittsburg with  agenda

11/18 NCTE Convention Pittsburgh Meeting agenda; minutes San Diego; Raines NTCC

Beginning TYCA Website Development

The TYCA Web Page Committee was first commissioned on December 19, 1996 to create a web page for TYCA since TYCA “…sees its central role as providing a national network for two-year college faculty in the seven regionals” (“TYCA Web Page Committee Report”).  The documents presented in this file, represent the development of TYCA’s web presence.

Beginning TYCA Website Development


3/11 Report TYCA Web Page Committee report (first committee)


11/99 Web page First web page­­–Powers/Crump


3/01 Report Powers-Committee report to EC (second committee)

8/30 Web page Web page at NCTE


11/4 Report Powers/Martinez-Committee report to EC


6/23 Update Martinez update to EC

6/23 Update Martinez update to Web Committee
11/4 Report Herrick-Committee report to EC
11/7 Recommendations Matthews recommendations to Web Committee webtender proposal

11/8 Recommendations Bodmer recommendations to Web Committee

11/19 Proposal Proposal for the TYCA Webtender


2/07 TYCA Pacific Coast web page TYCA-Pacific Coast (TYCA part only)


11/20 TYCA Regionals web pages TYCA~SE web page

11/20 TYCA-NE web page

11/20 TYCA-Midwest web page
11/20 TYCA-West web page
11/20 TYCA-PNW web page
11/20 TYCA-Southwest web page

Notable TYCA Projects

The collection Notable TYCA Projects provides an overview of history and origins of several important TYCA projects including, Outstanding Programs in English Award, the Fame and Shame Award (now the Fame Award), t he TYCA Web Site, “Guidelines for Academic Preparation for English Faculty at Two-Year Colleges,” “Research and Scholarship in the Two-Year College,” and the TYCA Research Initiative.

Personal Notes of Mark Reynolds

Mark Reynolds’  personal notes regarding the early efforts restructuring the two-year college ad hoc committee of NCTE to form TYCA can be found in two files:

  1. 3/17/1992-5/12/1992:  Personal Notes of Mark Reynolds Part1
  2. 5/22/1992-1/29/1993:  Personal Notes of Mark Reyholds Part2

Along with minutes of various meetings, the files include letters from Stephen Ruffus, Ron Severson, William Lay, Toni Rowtiz, Paul Bodmer, Chuck Annal, Helon Raines, Nell Ann Pickett, and Carolyn Hill.

  • March 1992 to January 1993
    • Minutes of NTCC Meeting at Cincinnati including Helon Raines,
    • Ad Hoc Committee on Reorganìzing Two-Year
    • Western Regional Perspective on the Standards in the Profession
    • Statement included (Stephen Rufus & Ron Severson)
    • Report from Southeastern Region including update on
    • Restructuring the two-year­ college in NCTE
    • Informal Notes from Special Interest Group on Two-Year College
    • Teaching (William Lay)
    • Summary of Brainstorming Session regarding conference proposals
    • Recommendations of Committee on Restructuring (Toni Rowtìz, Paul Bodmer, Chuck Annal)
    • Proposal for Ad Hoc Restructuring Committee–Ralnes
    • Follow up on NTCC Meeting at CCCC
    • Mission Statement
    • Roster NTCC
    • Letter from Raines regarding the Mississippi MeetingLetter from Nell Ann Pickett regarding the national meeting in Mississippi
    • Letter from Raines announcing $2000 allocation from NCTE
    • Letter from Pickett to Restructuring Committee regarding Mississippi meeting
    • Miscellaneous notes from Reynolds on the committee’s working processes at the Mississippi meeting
    • Carolyn Hill (NCTE) answering questions from Raines and Pickett
    • Davis (NCTE) outline for process for committee work
    • Reynolds-“The Mississippi Meeting: A Reminiscence”
    • Raines-“Progress to Date on Document to Be Sent to Constituents”
    • Letter to Anna! from Bob Wylie Hill (NCTE) regarding meeting at Louisville Convention and Mississippi Meeting Restructuring Document
    • Raines-Letter to Seife, Chair of College Section, regarding  restructuring and its relationship to NCTE, College Section, and CCCC
    • Note: Reynolds’ notes regarding the Mississippi Meeting are the only ones  remaining except for Bob Wyiie’s which are housed at TYCA Southwest.