Moving on…

My last official act as TYCA Archivist–aside from shipping the TYCA physical archive to

shelves containing various folders

The TYCA physical archive currently housed at the Salt Lake Community College Student Writing Center

NCTE headquarters–is this post. I’ve enjoyed my six years as archivist and learning a great deal about TYCA’s organizational history by compiling online the complete physical archive passed on to me by the previous TYCA Archivist, Lois Powers.

While it looks like the official position of “TYCA Archivist” will go away (see the NCTE 2017 agenda action item 9.b), the proposal is that the TYCA Secretary will take on the duties of maintaining the online archive.  It makes sense for the Secretary to take on that job, since that person has ready access to all the current Executive Committee materials.

I hope that future researchers will find this archive useful. Thanks to TYCA for allowing me to compile it.

Clint Gardner
Salt Lake Community College

UPDATE!  Stephanie Maenhardt, former TYCA West Representative and Chair will be taking over as archivist!