Tour of TYCA

Miss your regional conference this year? Below you’ll find a collection of presentations and handouts from regional TYCA conferences to give you a taste of what sort of work is being done around the country in our field. If you find something of interest, please feel free to be in touch with the presenter, using the link provided.

TYCA Southeast 2016

View a video of “Creating a Classroom for the Children of Abraham,” by Madonna Kemp of Chattanooga State Community College below. This presentation looks at creating a

Creating a Classroom for the Children of Abraham, by Madonna Kemp

Contact Madonna here:

TYCA Northwest 2015

Paige Talbot of South Seattle Community College presents a strategy for teaching and working with the concept of Rogerian Argument in the composition classroom. A powerpoint as well as the relevant classroom documents can be found below.

Tackling the Importance of your Opponent’s Opinion, by Paige Talbot.

Yes/No Activity Instructions

Guidelines for “Letter to Editor” Essay

Contact Paige here:

TYCA Midwest 2014

Sybil Priebe: (ab)Normal– New Strategies for Incorporating Tech in the Classroom 

Awesome Sauce Cards: MW 2014

Awesome Sauce Cards 2- MW 2014

Mission Cards: MW 2014

Contact Sybil!

Suzanne Labadie: Programmatic Impacts of “Rigorizing” Basic Writing

Contact Suzanne




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