TYCA West First Annual Conference Program

TYCA West’s first annual conference was held on October 18-19, 1996 in Reno Nevada.  The innagural conference theme was “Negotiating English and Literacy in the Two-Year College.”  Back then, regional names weren’t quite settled, and TYCA West was often styled as TYCA-West (with great concern expressed over the hyphen) or Tyca/Western.

1998 Proceedings


Part 1:  January to June

03/31 & CCCC Convention Chicago Agenda  TYCA Executive Meeting

  • Unapproved Minutes Detroit (Nov. 21, 97)
  • Appendices to minutes-Detroit
  • Report-TETYC & TYCA to You
  • Davis-to Troyka regarding tax exempt status
  • Stock-to Troìka reèarding TYCA Executive Committee
  • members attendance at various meetings
  • Lovas-to TYCA Executive Committee regarding adjunctfaculty
  • Report- from Associate ExecutivenDirector
  • “Update on Effects to Build TYCA”
  • Troyka-to National TYCA Executive Committee regarding special award for Helon Raines (Nov.18, 97)
  • Article-“Statement from the Conference on the Growing Use of Adjunct ct Faculty”
  • NOTE 1997 Resolutions
  • Selfe-to Rep. Abercrombie & Senator Abraham regarding the Digital Era Copyright Enhancement Act (Jan. 21, 98)
  • Blau-to a representative regarding support for copyright legislation
  • Kirsch-sarrnple letter urging support for copyright legislation
  • “The Bouwer-campbell Bm (HR. 304s)
  • “The Ashcroft Bill” (S. 1146)
  • Announcements
  • Report-Lovas “English Coalition” hosted by Phyllis Franklin (Dec. 30, 97)
  • Report-Matthews TYCA Breakfast
  • Report-TYCA Recruitment (Fan gewqtey _97)
  • Albert-Announcing “Committee on the Public Image of the Two-Year College
  • Concept Paper-“Collaborative Project of the TYCA and NCIA (an affiliate of AACC)
  • Reynolds-“Call for Submissions-TETYC Silver Anniversary Issue”
  • Tinberg-Repolt on TYCA to You
  • Kirsch-Report from Associate Executive Directo(
  • Lovas-to Madden regarding College Section evaluation of TYCA
  • Reports from regionals
  • Lovas-to Blau, Mejia, Johnson, Stock, Madden, Berry, thanking them for support
  • Schedule of Activities for convention
  • Lovas-“America’s Community Colleges: Hope for the New Millennium” grant project
  • Lovas & Bateman-regarding TYCA web page
  • Committee Structure & Membership
  • Lois Powers, TYCA Archives

4/11 Troyka to TYCA EC NCTE College Forum Proposal

4/14 Stock to EC NCTE College Forum Proposal (Problems, background, and proposal)

4/25 NCTE to EC College Forum approved unanimously

4/29 Troyka to EC NCTE’s College Forum 4/29 Stock to Lovas & Lindemann College Forum Contextual REmarks

 Part 2:  June to December



11/20 NCTE Convention Nashville TYCA Execuive Committee Meeting

  • Unapproved Mintues
  • Lovas-Chair’s Report
  • Appendices to minutes-Chicago
  • Report-Matthews TYCA Breakfast
  • Report TYCA Recruitment (Fall 96-Winter 97)
  • Albert-Announcing “Committee on the Public Image of the Two-Year College”
  • Concept Paper-“Collaborative Project of the TYCA and NCIA”
  • Reynolds-“Call for Submissions–TETYC Silver Anniversary Issue”
  • Tinber-Report on TYCA to You
  • Kirsch-Report from Associate Executive Director
  • Lvoas-to Madden regarding College Section evaluation of TYCA
  • Regional Reports
  • Lovas-sample letter to college administrators regarding TYCA service
  • List of Committees and Members
  • Lovas-personal account regarding part-time issues
  • TYCA By-laws revision or amplification
  • Revised TYCA brochure
  • Preliminary Review of Evaluation Process for TYCA
  • The College Forum
  • “Recommendation to Department & Campus Administrators”
  • “Setting Standards:  Acceptable Ratios of Full- to Part-time Faculty Members”
  • Documents regarding workload
  • MLA “Committee on Community Colleges Holds First Meeting”
  • Kirsch-Report from Associate Executive Director
  • Missing Regional Reports

1997 Proceedings



03/11 CCCC Convention Phoenix  TYCA Stationary with logo; TYCA Gala Inaugural Program; TETYC Brochure and Stationery with new cover design

03/11 TYCA Executive Committee Meeting  Agenda; Unapproved Minutes Chicago; Coppersmith–TYCA Breakfast; Membership Recruitment; Stock–Assoc. Exec. Director Report; Reynolds–TETYC Editor; Regional Reports; Wootten–Nell Ann Pickett Award; Newman–National TYCA Meeting Task Force; Web Page Committee Report; Membership defined; Bodmer–“Plan to Establish the Two-Year College English Association”; Bodmer–By-Laws of TYCA (April 1995); Report–TYCA Strategic Planning Meeting (Indianapolis); Proposal–College Forum; Froeschal to Nominating Committee Members regarding responsibilities and timetables; Outline of TYCA Chair Responsibilities; Bodmer–1992 revision of regional conference manual

04/28 Troyka to NCTE Executive Committee

05/07 Coppersmith to Troyka regarding per diem policy

07/31 Stock to Faith Schullstrom, Exec. Dir. regarding contribution to Nell Ann Pickett Award

11/06  Troyka to Williams regarding money, memberships, and name confusion of TYCA and regionals

10/07 Troyka to Villanueva regarding TYCA 1998 Welcome Party


11/21 & 11/22  NCTE Convention Detroit TYCA Executive Meeting  Agenda; Minutes of previous meeting; Reports; By-Laws;  Report from Associate Executive Director “Update on Efforts to Build TYCA”; Troyka to Albert regarding “Image of the Two-Year College”;  Davis to TYCA EC regarding suggested changes to by-laws; TYCA per diem Policy;  1997-1998 EC Roster

1996 Proceedings



01/23  Bodmer to NTCC/TYCA

01/30 Bodmer to TYCA Executive Committee Nominees

03/01  Bodmer to TYCA Executive Committee

03/15  Troyka to CCCC convention preview regarding text for annual breakfast; Bodmer interim chair report

03/26  CCCC Milwaukee  Wooten Minutes (4/28); Agenda; NTCC/TYCA minutes San Diego; Reports–Annal, Reynolds, Wiley (TYCA Suggestions);  “Student Success Action Plan”;  “Developing the TYCA Agenda”; Regional reports

11/22 NCTE Convention Chicago  Agenda; minutes Milwaukee; TYCA subcommittee reports; B. Wiley–organizational suggestions; TYCA membership promotion; Manual revision; Reports–officer visits to regionals; Letter to other community college organizations; Reports from regionals

11/22 R. Mejia, Simon Schuster to L. Troyka regarding TYCA inaugural celebration in Phoenix

1995 Proceedings


January to December

01/17  Madden to NTCC regarding support of the revised by-laws

01/24  Pickett to NTCC endorsing the TYCA documents

01/25  Parnham to NTCC regarding status of TYCA

01/31  Reynolds to Powers regarding work with TETYC

02/28  Bodmer to NTCC regarding March meeting

03/21  CCCC, Washington, DC  Agenda; NTCC/TYCA Breakfast; Annal–Archivist Report (21 March 95); By-laws and “Plan to Establish…” (January drafts); “TYCA–News from Across the Country” (Survey); Powers–“A Strategic Agenda for the Twenty-First Century”; Wiley–report from NCTE to CCCC

05/18  Bodmer to NTCC (TYCA Wannabees)

06/22  Powers to Bodmer in response to questions and issues to Wiley and Coppersmith in response to questions and issues

10/04  Bodmer to NTCC regarding November meeting

10/27  Bodmer to NTCC regarding meeting in San Diego

10/28  Powers to Bodmer response to his queries

11/17 NCTE Convension San Diego  Agenda; Minutes of Washington DC meeting; Annal–Archivist report (21 March 95); NTCC Financial Report (18 March 95); Wiley–report from NCTE to CCCC

12/07  Raines to TYCA Nominating Committee regarding TYCA’s first election slate

12/08 Raines to candidates