1997 Proceedings



03/11 CCCC Convention Phoenix  TYCA Stationary with logo; TYCA Gala Inaugural Program; TETYC Brochure and Stationery with new cover design

03/11 TYCA Executive Committee Meeting  Agenda; Unapproved Minutes Chicago; Coppersmith–TYCA Breakfast; Membership Recruitment; Stock–Assoc. Exec. Director Report; Reynolds–TETYC Editor; Regional Reports; Wootten–Nell Ann Pickett Award; Newman–National TYCA Meeting Task Force; Web Page Committee Report; Membership defined; Bodmer–“Plan to Establish the Two-Year College English Association”; Bodmer–By-Laws of TYCA (April 1995); Report–TYCA Strategic Planning Meeting (Indianapolis); Proposal–College Forum; Froeschal to Nominating Committee Members regarding responsibilities and timetables; Outline of TYCA Chair Responsibilities; Bodmer–1992 revision of regional conference manual

04/28 Troyka to NCTE Executive Committee

05/07 Coppersmith to Troyka regarding per diem policy

07/31 Stock to Faith Schullstrom, Exec. Dir. regarding contribution to Nell Ann Pickett Award

11/06  Troyka to Williams regarding money, memberships, and name confusion of TYCA and regionals

10/07 Troyka to Villanueva regarding TYCA 1998 Welcome Party


11/21 & 11/22  NCTE Convention Detroit TYCA Executive Meeting  Agenda; Minutes of previous meeting; Reports; By-Laws;  Report from Associate Executive Director “Update on Efforts to Build TYCA”; Troyka to Albert regarding “Image of the Two-Year College”;  Davis to TYCA EC regarding suggested changes to by-laws; TYCA per diem Policy;  1997-1998 EC Roster


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