1996 Proceedings



01/23  Bodmer to NTCC/TYCA

01/30 Bodmer to TYCA Executive Committee Nominees

03/01  Bodmer to TYCA Executive Committee

03/15  Troyka to CCCC convention preview regarding text for annual breakfast; Bodmer interim chair report

03/26  CCCC Milwaukee  Wooten Minutes (4/28); Agenda; NTCC/TYCA minutes San Diego; Reports–Annal, Reynolds, Wiley (TYCA Suggestions);  “Student Success Action Plan”;  “Developing the TYCA Agenda”; Regional reports

11/22 NCTE Convention Chicago  Agenda; minutes Milwaukee; TYCA subcommittee reports; B. Wiley–organizational suggestions; TYCA membership promotion; Manual revision; Reports–officer visits to regionals; Letter to other community college organizations; Reports from regionals

11/22 R. Mejia, Simon Schuster to L. Troyka regarding TYCA inaugural celebration in Phoenix


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