1994 Proceedings


January to December

01/04  Bodmer to NTCC EC, CCCC Officers, NCTE Officers, NTCC Restructure Committee, Miles Myers regarding approved version of the by-laws (18 Nov. 1993)

01/18  Anna to Gere regarding NCTE’s “Statement of Principles…” project

02/02  Bodmer to NTCC regarding Nashville meeting and current issues

03/14 CCCC Nashville Agenda; Minutes of Pittsburgh meeting (18 Nov. 1993); Minutes of Special Meeting (18 Nov. 1993)

No date  Schreiber on behalf of Myers to affiliated professionals in regard to a job description for Associate Executive Director for Higher Education

04/10 Powers to Selfe, Bridwell-Bowles, and Bodmer regarding qualifications for Associate Executive Director

04/11 Unknown to Reynolds regarding Schreiber’s letter

04/19  Reynolds to Pickett, Bodmer, Annal, Roth, Wiley, Powers regarding “Collective Response” to Schreiber letter

04/22  Ryenolds to Pickett, Bodmer, Annal, Roth, Wiley, and Powers regarding Schreiber’s letter

11/17  NCTE Convention Orlando Agenda; Minutes from Nashville (14 March 1994); NTCC Income and Expense Fiscal Year 1993-94; Annal, Archivist Report; NTCC Breakfast Announcement; Reynolds, report TETYC; Regional reports;  Parham, suggested by-laways revision (Oct. 94); by-laws recvision (4 Nov. 94); “Plan to Establish the Two-Year Colelge English Association” (draft 4 Nov. 94); TYCA Governance Structure; “College Section Response to the TYCA Plan” ; NTCC Directory 1994


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