1993 Proceedings


Part 1:  January-June

01/13 Urbana Invitation to Urbana to meet with College Section on two-year issues

01/2129 Haines- to Brídwell Bowles, NCTE, Seife

02/04 Guìdelinés for Obtaining Coníerence Status

02/05 Proposal for Two-Year College, College, and University Section

02/09 AnnaI-to Myles Myers

02/12 Raines-to NTCC on Urbana Meeting

03/04 Raines~to Seife, Gere

03/15 Raines-NTCC meeting in San Diego CCCC

03/30 CCCC Convention San Diego Raines-revised meeting agenda Minutes of meeting, regional reports, archivist report –
Myers-Restructure financial overview

04/06 Proposal for Two-Year College, College, and University

04-27 Perry-raising concerns about Standards Project signed by  Selfe (Col. Sec.), Gere (CCC), Raines (NTCC)

06/10 Raines-update, to editor of “The Council Chronicle,” to

Part 2: July-December

07/21 Bodmer-Juw by-Iaws revision

07/23 Wm. Lay­guidelines for Nell Ann Pickett Award

09/02 Raines-to Bodmer and Restructure Committee

09/25 Raines-Work of NTCC Restructure Com.

09 Committee on Hestructuring- Proposal Sept. 1992

09/27 Bodmer-September by-Iaws revision

09/28 Pickett-to Powers about TE TYC

10/29 Raines-to Myers in response to NCTE Exec. Com

10/14 Powers-ECCTYC Constitution

10/19 Raines-to Gere regarding Myers’ memo

10/29 Raines-to NTCC regarding meeting in Pittsburg with  agenda

11/18 NCTE Convention Pittsburgh Meeting agenda; minutes San Diego; Raines NTCC


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