Beginning TYCA Website Development

The TYCA Web Page Committee was first commissioned on December 19, 1996 to create a web page for TYCA since TYCA “…sees its central role as providing a national network for two-year college faculty in the seven regionals” (“TYCA Web Page Committee Report”).  The documents presented in this file, represent the development of TYCA’s web presence.

Beginning TYCA Website Development


3/11 Report TYCA Web Page Committee report (first committee)


11/99 Web page First web page­­–Powers/Crump


3/01 Report Powers-Committee report to EC (second committee)

8/30 Web page Web page at NCTE


11/4 Report Powers/Martinez-Committee report to EC


6/23 Update Martinez update to EC

6/23 Update Martinez update to Web Committee
11/4 Report Herrick-Committee report to EC
11/7 Recommendations Matthews recommendations to Web Committee webtender proposal

11/8 Recommendations Bodmer recommendations to Web Committee

11/19 Proposal Proposal for the TYCA Webtender


2/07 TYCA Pacific Coast web page TYCA-Pacific Coast (TYCA part only)


11/20 TYCA Regionals web pages TYCA~SE web page

11/20 TYCA-NE web page

11/20 TYCA-Midwest web page
11/20 TYCA-West web page
11/20 TYCA-PNW web page
11/20 TYCA-Southwest web page


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