Personal Notes of Mark Reynolds

Mark Reynolds’  personal notes regarding the early efforts restructuring the two-year college ad hoc committee of NCTE to form TYCA can be found in two files:

  1. 3/17/1992-5/12/1992:  Personal Notes of Mark Reynolds Part1
  2. 5/22/1992-1/29/1993:  Personal Notes of Mark Reyholds Part2

Along with minutes of various meetings, the files include letters from Stephen Ruffus, Ron Severson, William Lay, Toni Rowtiz, Paul Bodmer, Chuck Annal, Helon Raines, Nell Ann Pickett, and Carolyn Hill.

  • March 1992 to January 1993
    • Minutes of NTCC Meeting at Cincinnati including Helon Raines,
    • Ad Hoc Committee on Reorganìzing Two-Year
    • Western Regional Perspective on the Standards in the Profession
    • Statement included (Stephen Rufus & Ron Severson)
    • Report from Southeastern Region including update on
    • Restructuring the two-year­ college in NCTE
    • Informal Notes from Special Interest Group on Two-Year College
    • Teaching (William Lay)
    • Summary of Brainstorming Session regarding conference proposals
    • Recommendations of Committee on Restructuring (Toni Rowtìz, Paul Bodmer, Chuck Annal)
    • Proposal for Ad Hoc Restructuring Committee–Ralnes
    • Follow up on NTCC Meeting at CCCC
    • Mission Statement
    • Roster NTCC
    • Letter from Raines regarding the Mississippi MeetingLetter from Nell Ann Pickett regarding the national meeting in Mississippi
    • Letter from Raines announcing $2000 allocation from NCTE
    • Letter from Pickett to Restructuring Committee regarding Mississippi meeting
    • Miscellaneous notes from Reynolds on the committee’s working processes at the Mississippi meeting
    • Carolyn Hill (NCTE) answering questions from Raines and Pickett
    • Davis (NCTE) outline for process for committee work
    • Reynolds-“The Mississippi Meeting: A Reminiscence”
    • Raines-“Progress to Date on Document to Be Sent to Constituents”
    • Letter to Anna! from Bob Wylie Hill (NCTE) regarding meeting at Louisville Convention and Mississippi Meeting Restructuring Document
    • Raines-Letter to Seife, Chair of College Section, regarding  restructuring and its relationship to NCTE, College Section, and CCCC
    • Note: Reynolds’ notes regarding the Mississippi Meeting are the only ones  remaining except for Bob Wyiie’s which are housed at TYCA Southwest.

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